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Does the law apply to you?

The new obligations set out in the legislation only target the parcel delivery phase known as the 'last-mile'. This phase covers the preparation of the tour to the delivery of the parcels to the specified address.

Your company is subject to the new legislation

You deliver parcels weighing up to 31.5 kg as ‘last-mile’ carrier:

  • from Belgium to a Belgian address,
  • from Belgium to an address abroad, or
  • from abroad to a Belgian address

In these cases, the law applies to your company.

Your company is not subject to the new legislation

You engage in 'self-delivery', which means that you only deliver your own parcels.

In that case, this law does not apply to your company, but it does apply to the courier companies you might hire.

Do your parcel delivery workers engage in cross-border delivery?

If your parcel delivery workers are subject to Belgian labour law in its full scope, you, as a company, have to comply with all obligations of the Parcel Delivery Act. If you dispatch parcel delivery workers to Belgium, in principle, you should only take into account those stipulations of the Parcel Delivery Act that are punishable by law. For cross-border employment, it is always advisable to check what the applicable labour, wage and employment conditions are.

Should you wish more information on this topic or want to know whether your company is required to comply with the obligations of the Parcel Delivery Act for these parcel delivery workers, please consult the 'International' page on the website of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue (ELSD).

Use this tool to check whether your company is subject to the Parcel Delivery Act.

Please note that this tool is purely indicative: the Parcel Delivery Act always prevails.

Any questions?

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